The Author

Andreea Georgiana Petruse, MA, was born and spent her childhood in Romania, and traveled many years in pursuit of deeper self-awareness and understanding of the human condition. She has a Master in organizational systems with a focus on leadership in sustainability, a Bachelor's cum laude in cultural anthropology, and independent studies in transpersonal psychology, crisis resolution, education theory, and philosophy. She collaborates with IOLEE International (, for the pedagogical application of SEED (Social Emotional Evolutionary Development)© - innovating curriculum for effectively guiding children in learning trauma/conflict resolutions skills early in life and fostering resilience for traversing life’s difficult passages. Her goals are to offer empowering internal frameworks to educators and students (K-12), with the hope of shaping a new educational paradigm – one that truly prepares our children for living life, improving both its quality and potential. In Song Of The Child she explores this vision, sharing SEED methodology along with other globally-sourced, mindfulness-based teaching tools, of both ancient and modern origin.
Andreea is also a poet and a short story writer.